AmiAmi Aronheim completed his B. Sc. in  agriculture at the Hebrew University in 1986. Aronheim did his M.Sc. degree with JM Gershonni at the Weizmann Institute studying the acetylcholine receptor. Aronheim has graduated from the Weizmann Institute in 1993 studying control of Insulin gene expression and subsequently joined Prof. Michael Karin laboratory at UCSD for three years studying signal transduction mechanisms of the Ras exchange factor Sos. In 1996 Aronheim joined the Molecular Genetics Department at the faculty of Medicine of the Technion. Aronheim’s current research is focused on identification and characterization of protein-protein interaction in different biological circuits. This is accomplished using a unique yeast protein recruitment system developed by Dr. Aronheim, based on translocation of an otherwise inactive protein to its site of
action via protein-protein interaction. Currently, the lab focuses on the characterization of:

  1. bZIP transcriptional repressors JDP2 and ATF3 and their role in cardiac hypertrophy.
  2. The role of JDP2 in carcinogenesis
  3. WDR62, a novel JNK scaffold protein found to be mutated in a genetic disorder in patients with severe brain development, microcephaly.


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Ongoing research projects in the Aronheim’s laboratory:

  • Characterization of JDP2 transcriptional repression mechanisms
  • The role of JDP2 in carcinogenesis and metastasis
  • The role of ATF3 in cardiac remodeling
  • Biochemical characterization of WDR62
  • The role of WDR62 in cellular stress